Monday, January 2, 2012

My sleeping Angels

One of my favorite things to do is take pictures of the kids when they are sleeping...

When did Roscoe get So BIG

I cannot believe that Roscoe is already in preschool. He went into the same preschool that Roxy went too, at Clear Brook High school. He Loves IT!!! This kid was not scared at all to start a new adventure! I am so proud of him, but it makes me a little bit sad that he is getting so old and brave.

He loves his shark shoes!
Look at him run for the door!

Roxy's First Day of School

This year Roxy started Kindergarten with the beautiful Ms Coffey. She was so scared the weeks leading up to school starting but relaxed as she go to pick out her many outfits. It also helped when she got to go up to the school to be assessed and meet one of the teachers.

Here is the newest Dolphin!!
This lucky little girl got the have Gramma Chris and Grampa Johnt take her to school for her first day!

Now here is just a collection of the MANY outfits that Roxy had to debut during the first couple of weeks of school!

New Years Resolution


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All Grown Up

My first baby graduated from preschool and let me tell I was just a little emotional. To say that I love my daughter is an understatement. To say she can do no wrong in my eyes would be close to the truth. Watching the little ceremony and her interact with her classmates and teachers was so much fun and filled me with pride that I cannot describe. Here are the things that loved about that day.
1. I gave her flower and she shoved them in her backpack.
2. She watched and waved to me the whole time.

3. That there 3 other kids there graduating that i really love and was excited for too.
4. How excited Roxy was to see her brothers.
5. That Roxy did not get most "spirited"this year.
6. That i am pretty sure that Roxy was one of the favorite kids because we could not get out of that place since all of the teachers wanted to get a picture with her.

7. Ms Smith

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Third Child

You may or may have not noticed a lack of posting on the blog. And you may or may not have not have noticed a lack of posting about our third child Rogan. Well, it is true what they say about taking fewer pictures and documenting fewer things. I have no idea what he weighed at each appointment or his height or percentiles. He is my true Third Child. So I will document what I know right now.
Name: Rogan Clarence Hamm
Nick Names: Rogey, Rogey Bogey, Rogey Bear, Bogers, Rickey Bobby.
Accomplishments: Crawling, pulling himself up, walking along the couch, sitting himself back down, sleeping through the night, eating solid food, chasing dogs.
Weight: about 18 pounds
Heights: no idea
Head: the Hamm head (BIG)
Loved By: Mommy, Daddy, Roxy and Roscoe, Liked by Goldie
This kid has the best smile and the craziest longest hair ever. I love it and never want to cut it. Its funny because Roscoe did not get a hair cut till he was 2 and Roxy was 3.

He is so loved by his brother and sister. Roscoe refers to him as his baby. And when grandpa Dave was in town and left Rogan in the living alone for like 5 seconds she went up to him and said "Someone isn't supposed to leave Rogan by himself..."
He loves the pool and his floatie. He loves going in the kiddie pool with it and using it as a walker because he can touch the ground and walk with it. He LOVES that.
When ever he is upset just take the kid outside to his swing and he shuts right up. As you can see one night he fell asleep blowing raspberrys on the side. Rich thought he was getting awfully quiet.
His reflux has been the bane of my existence. I stopped nursing because of it. Roxy had a mild case of it and at six months I took her off the meds and switched her to normal formula and she was fine. I have tried to do the same with Rogan and he has def not out grown the reflux. I actually spent two weeks thinking he was teething. Screaming, not eating, spitting up, before I thought about trying the meds again. And what do you know, he is happy again and still toothless.

This boy also love Goldie like no other. He will follow our dog all around the house. Goldie has two tags on her collar, one for her rabies shot and one with our address, so she makes a jingling where ever she goes. Rogey knows the jingle and perks up whenever he hears it.
In short, we love him, but we have not written a lot down.